Tomorrowland_posterTomorrowland (2015) – 7/10

Shamelessly optimistic and wonderfully imaginative Disney film.  Watch it with an open mind and a desire to be inspired.

Actors George Clooney and Britt Robertson engage with a vulnerable sincerity.  Geniuses both; the older, disillusioned Frank and the youthful, determined Casey.

They save the world, literally.  Corny but true: hope or despair?  You choose.  Feed the winner.

The Dressmaker

The_Dressmaker_film_posterThe Dressmaker (2015) 8/10

This movie took me by surprise.  I had no idea that it was filmed in Australia and featured that quirky Aussie humour, the ‘it is what it is’ approach to hardship and the harsh, dry landscape that I love so much.

Kate Winslet is an elegant actress. She plays Tilly Dunnage. Tilly is from a speck of rural Australia and has a sense of fashion and design that is creative, bold and perfect.

Aussie talents are supporting players: hilarious and touching Hugo Weaving, batshit crazy (or is she?) Judy Davis is her mother, Liam Hemsworth is her constant love.

Loss, hilarity, revenge, adversity, triumph.


Personal Shopper

Personal_Shopper_posterPersonal Shopper (2016) – 6/10

Immediately post viewing I wanted to give this movie a 1 or even a zero.  Felt the plot was a genre mash and a little bit silly and KS’s performance wooden and one dimensional.

My sister and I wanted to watch ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ but it wasn’t available on my mum’s pay tv so we settled. And we were sorry . . . until the next day when we started pulling the movie apart – acting, plot, genres, intention, spirits, suspense, fashion, personal shoppers, atmosphere, loneliness, daring, confronting and why does KS buy so many drinks but doesn’t finish them.

There was so much about this film that we wanted to discuss and consider. It kept us busy for a couple of days.  What is art?


Life_(2017_film)Life (2017) – 2/10

The possibility of life on Mars always makes for compelling viewing.  Jake Gyllenhaal and to a lesser degree Ryan Reynolds are fine actors.  This is going to be good.

Wait, what’s that tag line? I think they meant we were better off without this movie.

A group of highly educated and trained astronauts working in a confined space. With crazy quarantine protocols. Making life and death decisions based on emotion.

An extremely intelligent and very hungry alien. And it’s definitely evil; evil with capitals and in bold.  EVIL.  

Never stood a chance.  Earth is in trouble.  If you are looking for an intelligent, well acted, interesting science fiction flick then you are better off without this movie.



Logan_2017_posterLogan (2017) – 8/10

This is a movie with achingly deep feeling about love, loss and redemption.  The weariness of ageing.  Characters you care about, really care.  Oh yeah, and some damn fine bloody action.

Am I talking about an ‘X-Men’ movie?   X-Men movies are super silly these days; a multitude of mutants that have no depth and that you can’t keep track of anyway.

Logan is different, in a class far above the ubiquitous comic book movies and tv shows.  Is it the story?  Is it the actors? Is it the director?  It is a heartfelt farewell to Wolverine and Charles Xavier, whose super heroic appearance belies their humanity.