Game of Thrones (season 4)

Game_of_Thrones_Season_4Game of Thrones (season 4) – 8/10

Let’s get this party started.

The poor Starks.  Everybody loves to hate them or hates to love them – whatever.  Arya is pretty cool.  Independent, don’t mess with her.  Sansa on the other hand is so frustrating.  Little dream girl is getting a rude awakening.  Does she really like Lord Baelish?  He’s so yucky.  Mutual users.  Bran Stark is growing up.  Not yet sure what part he’ll play in the game.

Jon Snow – what does he know?  He knows his wolf is awesome.  Ready to take command; but a tortured soul nonetheless.  His love was true.

Lannisters.  My my.  No sympathy for Joffrey.  A total asshole.  Cersei is such a bitch.  What does Jaime see in her?  Something is stirring in Jaime and it’s not for Cersei.  Watch this space, there’s potential there.  Tywin Lannister; ruthless, calculating.  Constipation is a better end result.  And Tyrion.  Mesmerising every time he’s on the screen.  A true thespian.

Mother of dragons.  Try not to yawn when her story is on.  Daenerys is striking.  Yeah, yeah she’ll mother them all.  Would like to see someone a bit more complicated.

A few lesser characters:  Theon – why do I feel sorry for him; The Hound – father figure for Arya;  Oberyn – stings like a viper, head pops like a melon; Brienne – lovelorn, lanky, laudable; Hodor – ever faithful Hodor.