Hail Caesar!

Hail,_Caesar!_Teaser_posterHail Caesar! (2016) – 3/10

Visually appealing Coen brothers film about a ‘golden age’ in Hollywood.  Mostly disappointing though as it lacked the rich characters and engrossing story telling expected by Coen brother’s enthusiasts.

A star studded ensemble cast cavorts on screen. Vignettes occasionally deliver provocative thoughts that peter out or collapse with a frenetic leap to another superficial glimpse.  Does the golden age deserve this honour?

An homage to the Hollywood film industry perhaps with a meta-story perspective.  Just wanted more I guess.


Hitman: Agent 47

Hitman_Agent_47_posterHitman:  Agent 47 (2015) – 0/10

The ridiculous opening narrative was the first confirmation of  this woeful excuse for a movie. Well, that and the movie poster.

Sorry Rupert.  I think you can do better.  Or I thought you could. . .

The Homesman

The_Homesman_posterThe Homesman (2014) – 3/10

The women are mad, all four of them.  Wide horizons.  Flat barren land; brown and dusty.  Nothing thrives.  Women are utilities.  Men are brutal, naive, a sad parody of themselves.

A serendipitous meeting between Mary Bee Cuddy (Hilary Swank) and George Briggs (TLJ).  George is old, his balance is bad, a coward, a drifter.  Yosemite Sam.  Mary Bee Cuddy is strong and capable; kind and courageous.  Lonely.

Disjointed story, confusing plot.  They trek east with the crazy three.  Walls are breached, trust grows.

AND THEN – Mary Bee stays behind to fill in some dirt; gets lost; sleeps on the horse; eats grass with the horse; the horse finds George; Mary is broken.  Mary sleeps with George and hangs herself.  Consummate the union in death.

An absurd encounter with James Spader in a solitary blue hotel.  Incinerate it.  Hand the crazy three to a pious Meryl Streep.  Time to settle down with a 16 year old; saved from her ill fate. Dance in the moonlight, memories of Mary Bee adrift.