Unfriended_2015_teaser_posterUnfriended (2014) – 1/10

Finding a truly original horror movie these days is challenging. Horror in the sense of frightening, maybe supernatural.  Not in the sense of shock schlock.

Only original idea – the entire movie unfolds in social media platforms.  This got really old, really fast.

Sometimes sitting through what you’ve found is challenging. Such is the case with ‘Unfriended’.  One point for the fact that I sat through it.


Under the Skin

Under_the_Skin_posterUnder the Skin (2013) –  7/10

Directed by Jonathan Glazer, starring Scarlett Johansson and Scotland.  Based on the novel (same name) by Michael Faber.

Ask the question who are we under the skin?  Scar Jo is interesting as the ‘alien’ developing some kind of self awareness?  No longer to complete the strange consumption activity.  Takes off to find what?  Incomplete and quite possibly incapable of connecting, ever.  Function, char, black and smooth.  Not human slurry but now ashes.   A little conversation could have gone a long way.

Movie imagery is fascinating.  Creepy as hell sound track.  Beautiful Scottish vistas and long, winding roads.  Some dialogue is hard to hear/understand.  Fun to ponder the philosophical aspects. Compelling viewing with unique ideas.