The Night Manager

The_Night_Manager_titlecardThe Night Manager (2016) – 6/10

Cloak and dagger television series adapted from the novel of the same name by John le Carre.  A nod to my father for his love of intrigue and a great spy novel; maybe my interest in this genre is genetic.

Tom Hiddleston is the enigmatic night manager of an exquisite hotel in Cairo.  He is ex military, cool and calm under stress.  Aloof and apparently irresistible to women.  A fate he cheerfully accepts.

Hugh Laurie plays his nemesis.  An evil arms dealer unfazed by the deaths his actions permit.   Strangely and blindly loyal to those he holds dear.

The night manager is recruited by British intelligence to infiltrate the arms dealer’s inner circle.  A most wanted man for some time but clever enough to remain just out of reach. I think revenge forced the final crack in this man’s armour.  Revenge for witnessed atrocities that burned and possessed.

Directed by Suzanne Bier.  Did her influence create the depth of character of the female roles?  Three women, backgrounds glimpsed, motivations cemented after contact with the night manager.  A heavily pregnant British intelligence officer an unusual sight in the field.

Complex and exciting.  Gorgeous scenery.  Well acted except for the ‘oh my gosh this is so obvious’ ogling between Hiddleston and Hugh’s paramour.  This went on for the last few episodes and was so annoying that it was, for me, a major detractor.

I was disappointed to read that they are considering making a season 2.  I think the story is finished.


The Nice Guys

The_Nice_Guys_posterThe Nice Guys (2016) – 6/10

Star camaraderie, Ryan Gosling’s believable bumbler, resourceful daughter, stunts.

Buddy movie, Russell Crowe is really getting big, destruction of property, numerous deaths, stars give statements and are on their way?

Surreal Gosling is intriguing and hilarious but not sure if it really fits with the movie.



NightcrawlerfilmNightcrawler (2014) – 8/10

Nightcrawler is a glimpse into the life of an intense, gaunt and disturbing Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he navigates his way through the dark streets of LA.  Pop-eyed and feverish, Lou doesn’t appear to eat or sleep. This sucker is definitely a serial killer in the making.  Devoid of feeling for anyone.  In his own words, Lou doesn’t like people.

An edge dweller.  Lou’s home base:  TV, computer,  ironing board and twin size bed with circus character pillowcase.  Poster of an American Indian on the refrigerator.  Random accessories.

Lacking a formal education; Lou helps himself through online trawling.  In an almost comical way, Lou recites verbatim from online business manuals.  His interpretation is unique; motivated to realise his ‘business plan’.  Involvement with others is utilitarian.  Woe to the unfortunates who no longer serve his purpose.

Lou has found acceptance and purpose in a world hungry to experience real horror.  Be careful what you wish for.