Personal Shopper

Personal_Shopper_posterPersonal Shopper (2016) – 6/10

Immediately post viewing I wanted to give this movie a 1 or even a zero.  Felt the plot was a genre mash and a little bit silly and KS’s performance wooden and one dimensional.

My sister and I wanted to watch ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ but it wasn’t available on my mum’s pay tv so we settled. And we were sorry . . . until the next day when we started pulling the movie apart – acting, plot, genres, intention, spirits, suspense, fashion, personal shoppers, atmosphere, loneliness, daring, confronting and why does KS buy so many drinks but doesn’t finish them.

There was so much about this film that we wanted to discuss and consider. It kept us busy for a couple of days.  What is art?


The Pack (La meute)

la_meuteThe Pack (2010) – 3/10

French horror flick.  Creepy, muted atmospheric setting. Torturously confronting.

Things looked particularly dire when our heroine was captured, caged, branded and force fed a dark liquid (me thinks the primary element was human blood).  Maybe even her own blood because as she was imbibing, she was also giving blood.

See, this crazy mother and son duo evidently lure unsuspecting drifters to their desolate, decrepit ‘truck stop’ in the French countryside.  These doofus drifters just can’t stay away and end up as bait for a ‘pack’ of mutant, zombie miners.  Some of whom are the sons of the crazy mother.  The zombie miners live under the ground and come out when blood is spilled.  Oh, and I guess they might be stronger when it’s a full moon.

Anyway, half way through the movie our poor heroine is hung over the zombie ground and bled.  Apparently the rest of the movie is her dream of escape or acceptance or just trauma induced brain ramblings.   She doesn’t get away, she never had a chance.  Damn.

The Proposition

p159505_d_v8_aaThe Proposition (2005) – 8/10

Intense and confronting Aussie flick filmed in outback Queensland. Written by Nick Cave who also supplied the haunting soundtrack (could lose the whispering though).  Directed by John Hillcoat (The Road).

A lawman and his wife desperately try to continue Imperial traditions in a bleak and harsh 1880s Australian outback.  Tea cups and Christmas trees.  Roses and justice.  Bushrangers are a better fit.

Guy Pearce (Charlie) once again a complex character with deep feeling, unsaid.  Charlie’s brother Arthur is compelling.  Arthur is educated and quotes poetry.  A psychopath who lives in the caves as would a dog.  Home is with family but there are limits.

Beautiful vistas.  Daylight in the Australian outback is unique; a yellow-orange intensity.  The land is aglow, dotted with scrubby trees.  Searing heat, sweat and flies.  Sunset light is orange and red.  Bare trees craning their branches for moisture are silhouetted against the darkening sky.

Ping Pong the Animation

imgresPing Pong the Animation (2014) – 7/10

The hero is from planet ping pong. The hero comes when you need him.  It’s safe to wait in the classroom closet.

In Japan they take ping pong seriously.   This 11 part anime series is about ping pong and personal journeys but mostly it’s about friendship.  Peco and Smile.

Colourful and at times surreal animation. Hilarious faces in the crowd, fun to spot.  Hilarious hairstyles too.

No ping pong bumblers here.  Adapted from a 1997 manga by Taiyō Matsumoto.


PrometheusposterfixedPrometheus (2012) – 3/10

Note to self:  watching this movie numerous times does not help it make sense.  I really, really want to like this movie.  ‘Alien’ and ‘Aliens’ are two of my all time faves.  BUT I just couldn’t make it happen.  I mean come on, the female lead is “so wrong”.  Like, let’s bring the white giant head back, do all kinds of hasty experiments on it and make it explode.  Whoops.

And the pouty boyfriend??  Like, they travel all this way on a space flight that costs trillions of dollars, spend a couple hours exploring  and then he gets all mopey and has to go get drunk.  Is he jealous? Why?

And the idiot zoologist.  Use a little caution.  Hello beautiful evil snake alien.  Please break my arm.  And so on.

Idris is cool but who is he really?  Charlize has ‘Ripley-ish’ potential but is completely wasted.  Fassbender as a LofA knock off is interesting, something’s going on there.

Opening scenes of ancient earth are beautiful.  The alien planet and structures are also very cool.  The story overall is too disjointed; it just doesn’t make sense, no matter how hard they try.   Will you be directing ‘Prometheus 2’ Mr Scott?