Logan Lucky

Logan_LuckyLogan Lucky (2017) – 7/10

‘Almost heaven, West Virginia’.  Steven Soderbergh directs this hilarious, novel heist flick.  Worth the watch to see some fav actors transformed.

Channing Tatum (Jimmy) and Adam Driver (Clyde) are the ‘unlucky’ Logan brothers; laconic and dim witted.  Despite good intentions, misfortune follows.  Daniel Craig is the bleach blonde ‘Joe Bang’.  Joe has a twinkle in his eye and can ‘MacGyver’ found objects into explosives.

An intricate scheme that belies an intelligence masked by colloquial delivery.  Fun.



Life_(2017_film)Life (2017) – 2/10

The possibility of life on Mars always makes for compelling viewing.  Jake Gyllenhaal and to a lesser degree Ryan Reynolds are fine actors.  This is going to be good.

Wait, what’s that tag line? I think they meant we were better off without this movie.

A group of highly educated and trained astronauts working in a confined space. With crazy quarantine protocols. Making life and death decisions based on emotion.

An extremely intelligent and very hungry alien. And it’s definitely evil; evil with capitals and in bold.  EVIL.  

Never stood a chance.  Earth is in trouble.  If you are looking for an intelligent, well acted, interesting science fiction flick then you are better off without this movie.



Logan_2017_posterLogan (2017) – 8/10

This is a movie with achingly deep feeling about love, loss and redemption.  The weariness of ageing.  Characters you care about, really care.  Oh yeah, and some damn fine bloody action.

Am I talking about an ‘X-Men’ movie?   X-Men movies are super silly these days; a multitude of mutants that have no depth and that you can’t keep track of anyway.

Logan is different, in a class far above the ubiquitous comic book movies and tv shows.  Is it the story?  Is it the actors? Is it the director?  It is a heartfelt farewell to Wolverine and Charles Xavier, whose super heroic appearance belies their humanity.

La La Land

la_la_land_filmLa La Land (2016) – 5/10

First thoughts:  They can’t really dance and they can’t really sing.  Ain’t no fairy tale ending either.

Gorgeous colours, settings and framing.  Rockin’ jazz music. Emma and Ryan have on screen chemistry and definitely have their drama and comedy acting chops.

Left me thinking:  What’s the point here?  Is it a return to the days of yore musicals a la Fred Astaire and co?  Well it misses that mark for sure.

The Lobster

the_lobsterThe Lobster (2015) – 5/10

Great start – surreal, funny.

Too long, losing interest.

Taking similarity to stupid extreme, you’re blind and I’m sorry but I’m not going to do the same.  I would say not.

Dependence.  Are you serious?

Lost Highway

Lost-Higway-01Lost Highway (1997) – 7/10

Dreamy David Lynch.  A surreal and confronting puzzler. Schizo or supernatural?  Robert Blake’s character is a malevolent inspiration.  Truly creepy.

Music by Trent Reznor, Rammstein and David Bowie.  How could you go wrong?


Lars and the Real Girl

Lars_real_girlLars and the Real Girl (2007) – 8/10

A sincere, quirky, fantasy movie.

Ryan Gosling’s poignant portrayal of a man’s courageous journey to overcome debilitating internal conflict. Begins with the glimmer of an understanding that there could be something more.  A longing to connect with the real.

The residents in the Wisconsin town are initially confused but ultimately supportive.  Light-hearted humour and touching sentiment.