Moonlight_(2016_film)Moonlight (2016) – 7/10

A coming of age movie in three acts.  Young Chiron growing up rough in Miami.  Drug addicted mother, unknown father.  Chiron and his peers sense there is something different about him.  Chiron seems confused, his peers angry.

Resourceful.  Chiron connects with a community willing to offer support to navigate his physical and emotional environment.  Patient and available.

Chiron is so reserved it’s frustrating.  It’s all internal, the struggle is palpable but untouchable.  We all witness Chiron’s journey and final redemption.


Manchester by the Sea

Manchester_by_the_SeaManchester by the Sea (2016) – 7/10

Have you ever done something wrong by accident?  Did you admit it?  Did you forgive yourself?

What if the thing you accidentally did had consequences so terrible it’s unspeakable?

Manchester by the Sea is a movie about Leigh (Casey Affleck) who did the unspeakable. Leigh is a nice guy.  He has a wife and children who he adores, a brother and nephew who he’s devoted to and a circle of friends who respect him.  He’s not a career man nor is he highly educated. But he has a stillness through which he seems to filter underlying truths.  He’s without guile but he’s a little slow to process; quick to apologise.

I felt his pain and kind of wanted something ‘Hollywood’ to happen. But finally understood that he really can’t move on.  He’s responsible but not guilty.  He’ll inflict the punishment he deserves; he’ll never stop.  No redemption; poignant and evocative.

There was something about the music though.  I wanted silence and felt harassed by the unwanted melodramatic score.

Me Before You

imgresMe Before You (2016) – 3/10

This movie will polarise viewers.

Louisa –  Dumpy and frumpy, interesting fashion sense.  Beautiful smile and positivity.

Will – Question of a life worth living.  Disabled rich man gives up life so poor girl with potential can realise HER dream?  Narcissistic, isolated, two years post injury.  Have too many questions before I accept the conclusion. Has he seen a psychologist?  Has he met any other disabled people (peers)?  He’s wealthy and so young.  A lack of resources would never be an impediment like it is for so many people with disability.  What about being a champion for disability rights?

When it all comes down to it – I think about the preciousness of life.  We have one life – I believe that when we’re gone that’s it.  Nada, das ende.  All life is precious; Will’s life is precious.

Mon Oncle

mononcle_posterMon Oncle (1958) – 7/10

A simple yet endearing comedy by French director Jacques Tati.  Tati is’mon oncle’; good natured, bumbling Monsieur Hulot. The film centres on the relationship between Hulot and his nephew Gerard.

Hulot collects his nephew from school and on the journey home they engage in childish pranks with the rest of the neighbourhood children.

Quirky, high tech.  Click, click of the shoes.  Fish fountain, on display.  Modern, garish colours.  Distant father, making money.  Futurist.

Whistle!! Bang into the pole, howls of laughter, father and son together, mon uncle will be fine.  Au Revoir.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Me_&_Earl_&_the_Dying_Girl_(film)_POSTERMe and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015) – 7/10

Young teen flick – WARNING THIS MOVIE IS REALLY SAD – you will cry, more than once.

Greg and his co-worker Earl make parodies of well known movies.  Greg is a smart young man, in his senior year at High School, he has worked hard to navigate the social system at his school.  A satellite, existence acknowledged orbiting in the space between.

Rachel is dying.

Midnight Special

Midnight_Special_(film)_posterMidnight Special (2016) – 5/10

I really wanted to see this movie.  It had a limited cinema release so I waited for it to arrive at my local video store. I harassed the video store people because they simply did not call me back all day after I reserved the movie.  I mean there were about 15 DVD boxes on the shelf so surely one of the DVDs would get returned, right?

It seemed surprising that there were 15 copies of this limited release movie for rent but, you know, I considered this a sign of how good the movie was.  BTW, evidently my video store now puts more film boxes on the shelf than they have movies (there were actually only two copies of ‘Midnight Special’).  The video store clerk said they do that because it ‘looks better’.  Further proof that marketing is evil.

Anyway, on to the movie.  So this is another  Jeff Nichols, Michael Shannon collaboration (remember the amazing film ‘Take Shelter’).  Also starring interesting Aussie actor Joel Edgerton and occasionally competent Kirsten Dunst.

The opening scenes are compelling.  We join the father, son and father’s friend on their midnight run from a religious cult and the US government.  The boy is special; the mystery intriguing. The story and driving sound track build but ultimately can’t sustain to a satisfactory conclusion.  Too many reveals and superficial emotional angst fail to connect the viewer.



MonstersUKMonsters (2010) – 6/10

Quiet, indie sci fi drama.  Andrew and Samantha.  Caught for a moment in time.  Aimless and unhappy.

Unearthly circumstances bring them closer and reveal the beautiful people lurking under facades given and accepted.

Tensions mount as reflections reach a pitch to separate.  A chance witness and the ‘monsters’ reveal connections that exist beyond this world. Found courage to accept what they’ve known from the start.  It’s pretty cool to learn life lessons from fabulous alien creatures.