The Dressmaker

The_Dressmaker_film_posterThe Dressmaker (2015) 8/10

This movie took me by surprise.  I had no idea that it was filmed in Australia and featured that quirky Aussie humour, the ‘it is what it is’ approach to hardship and the harsh, dry landscape that I love so much.

Kate Winslet is an elegant actress. She plays Tilly Dunnage. Tilly is from a speck of rural Australia and has a sense of fashion and design that is creative, bold and perfect.

Aussie talents are supporting players: hilarious and touching Hugo Weaving, batshit crazy (or is she?) Judy Davis is her mother, Liam Hemsworth is her constant love.

Loss, hilarity, revenge, adversity, triumph.



The Rover

imagesThe Rover (2014) – 9/10

After the ‘collapse’ Australia was not so connected anymore.  Still wants best friend USA money though.  Amazingly beautiful scenery from South Australia.  Every scene, though brutal, a work of art.  Felt like I was sweaty and covered in grit at the movie’s end.  Great soundtrack too.  Guy Pearce – intense emotions without a word (fury, confusion, tenderness – but mostly fury). A man on the brink of losing connection.

Enter Ray – Robert Pattinson – what’s going on in there Ray?  Well done Mr Twilight. I may check out more of your movies now.

Solid, slow, intense and beautiful.  Directed by David Michod. Written by Joel Edgerton and David Michod.