It Follows

imagesIt Follows (2014) – 8/10

Brilliant, indie horror flick.  Unexplained mythology. No time to explore.  Got to keep moving.  Relentless walkers; they will kill you. Distance offers a slight reprieve but you can’t stop it.  Pass it on?  Moral dilemma.

Impressive sound track and opening scenes. Rich colours on a low budget. It is a tall guy, a rabid boy, an old woman, a naked man.  Anyone, anytime; fixated on you.



Interstellar_film_posterInterstellar (2014) – 10/10

Second time viewing.  Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan combine their writing and directing skills with music by Hans Zimmer.  Can you go wrong?

Here’s the stream of my consciousness so far:

Father-daughter relationships. Sublime soundtrack. Climate change. Alien planets. Emotion. Drama. Love. Science Fiction. Physics. Gravity. Humanity. Saviour. Epic. Amazing. Masterpiece. Visuals. Isolation. Distance. Black Hole. Worm Hole. Exciting. Brilliant. Dust. Tesseract. Visionary. Triumph. Human spirit. TARS, CASE. Humour setting. Dylan Thomas. Do not go gently. Rage. Waves. Frozen. Time. Fear. Courage. Strength. Relativity.  Matthew McConaughey. Pioneers. Death. Human race. Survival. Trust. Longing. Greater purpose. Danger.  Grand. Hope. Stay.


Insidious_posterInsidious (2010) – 6/10

Opening scenes are terrifying – music build, camera floats from the little boy’s room to the kitchen, shadow moves across the window, evil crone to greet you. Director James Wan (Aussie!) will give you a good scare.

We believe that Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson are a happy family – or are they?  He’s an attentive father and she’s  nervous about committing to songwriting.  They’ve just moved to a new house – life changes?

Should say this is a new ‘old’ house replete with creaky everything.  The demon’s approach is edge of your seat, cover your eyes, look through your fingers horror.  The initial sketch of the demon by tweedle dee is shocking – is it really up there in the corner . . . waiting.

What?  What’s that goggle thing with the hose?  Acknowledge the evil and it’s not as scary.  Second half of the movie loses intensity.  Still had to leave the night light on for a bit.