John Wick

John_Wick_TeaserPosterJohn Wick (2014) – 4/10

Where to begin?  Perhaps with the, um, not so positives:

  • Flashback several days follows opening scene. Cliché!
  • John Wick (Keanu Reeves) . . . oh.  John is the man the Russian Mafia calls to eliminate the ‘Boogeymen’ (imagine graphic comic book font here).
  • Russian Mafia Leader’s son decides to steal John’s car?  Doesn’t recognise John cause he’s been out of the biz for about 5 years . . . oh.
  • John, once the top assassin, is taken by surprise.
  • Cutest little puppy in the world.  How could they!
  • Ms Perkin’s demise.  A strange and potentially dangerous formation by the killers.
  • Luckily John ends up at the docks right next to a veterinary warehouse complete with first aid supplies and caged puppies? Could have picked a cuter puppy.

Ok, now the not so negatives:

  • Soundtrack.
  • The aerial shots.
  • John is pretty kick-ass, most of the time.  Keanu, while not the most versatile actor, seems suited for the reticent, singleminded role.
  • Perfunctory dismissals.
  • The Continental Hotel, its owner and employees.
  • . . . oh.

Jack Reacher

Jack_Reacher_posterJack Reacher (2012) – 5/10

Who is Jack Reacher?  He is the coolest, smartest, strongest and hottest man around.  An amazing driver. He’s also a crack long distance shooter.  Everybody wants to hit that.  Everybody.  You’ll want him on your side.

Enter ‘the Zec’, the villain. Ewww what’s wrong with your eye?  You did what to your fingers?  What is it you want again?  You better not make Jack mad.  If you do he’s liable to drink your blood from a boot.

Tommy C – so watchable on screen for such a odd guy.  There is presence.  And intensity.   He can even act.  Cruise will also have a go at himself (e.g. Tropic Thunder).  Curious.  His movies are almost always watchable and entertaining.  Directed by Christopher McQuarrie; produced by Tom Cruise.