Tomorrowland_posterTomorrowland (2015) – 7/10

Shamelessly optimistic and wonderfully imaginative Disney film.  Watch it with an open mind and a desire to be inspired.

Actors George Clooney and Britt Robertson engage with a vulnerable sincerity.  Geniuses both; the older, disillusioned Frank and the youthful, determined Casey.

They save the world, literally.  Corny but true: hope or despair?  You choose.  Feed the winner.


The Door

die-turThe Door (Die Tür) 2009 – 7/10

Asking the perennial question:  if given the chance to go back in time and right an egregious wrong, would you do it?

Why watch it:  Mads Mikkelsen, the little girl, the unfolding  fantasy story, creepy neighbour, the setting (creepy, suburban, large affluent houses, quiet), disturbing artwork, embracing the inter-dimensional door, character development.

Which raises the following: How many people have come over? When do people get to see the door?  Is it only for people who have done something wrong and are contrite about it?  What about the parents of the little girl at the end – they end up slitting their own throats, how can they cope with this ethical dilemma?  Is Mads the only one who has come over with a conscience?

Another Earth

Poster_of_the_movie_Another_EarthAnother Earth (2011) – 8/10

Lovely, indie sci fi film written by and starring Brit Marling (as Rhoda Williams).   An internal exploration of responsibility; connecting with others and self.  Overshadowing all is the amazing image of another earth, a duplicate earth synchronised with our own until it became visible.

Physics be dammed!  This big mystery won’t be explored.  Observe Rhoda’s deep, still and tortured approach toward the bereaved father, the despairing janitor and ultimately herself.

Game of Thrones (season 4)

Game_of_Thrones_Season_4Game of Thrones (season 4) – 8/10

Let’s get this party started.

The poor Starks.  Everybody loves to hate them or hates to love them – whatever.  Arya is pretty cool.  Independent, don’t mess with her.  Sansa on the other hand is so frustrating.  Little dream girl is getting a rude awakening.  Does she really like Lord Baelish?  He’s so yucky.  Mutual users.  Bran Stark is growing up.  Not yet sure what part he’ll play in the game.

Jon Snow – what does he know?  He knows his wolf is awesome.  Ready to take command; but a tortured soul nonetheless.  His love was true.

Lannisters.  My my.  No sympathy for Joffrey.  A total asshole.  Cersei is such a bitch.  What does Jaime see in her?  Something is stirring in Jaime and it’s not for Cersei.  Watch this space, there’s potential there.  Tywin Lannister; ruthless, calculating.  Constipation is a better end result.  And Tyrion.  Mesmerising every time he’s on the screen.  A true thespian.

Mother of dragons.  Try not to yawn when her story is on.  Daenerys is striking.  Yeah, yeah she’ll mother them all.  Would like to see someone a bit more complicated.

A few lesser characters:  Theon – why do I feel sorry for him; The Hound – father figure for Arya;  Oberyn – stings like a viper, head pops like a melon; Brienne – lovelorn, lanky, laudable; Hodor – ever faithful Hodor.


Snowpiercer_posterSnowpiercer (2013) – 5/10

Really looked forward to this movie with its strange and unique premise.  Directed/Screenplay by Joon-ho Bong from South Korea (The Host).

Some attention grabbing surreal sequences as well as a strong performance by Tilda Swinton.  Nice visual effects.

Overall there are just too many irreconcilable ideas creating plausibility issues.  Story just doesn’t hold together for me and left me dissatisfied. Captain America likes the taste of babies? What?

The Korean actors were compelling.  So was the polar bear.  I would watch more of Mr Bong’s movies.