Only Lovers Left Alive

Only_Lovers_Left_Alive_English_film_posterOnly Lovers Left Alive (2013) – 7/10

Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston and Jim Jarmusch.

Cool, moody, reflective. Eve (Swinton) and Adam (Hiddleston) – a vampire couple are together for centuries. Immortality, however, is not without difficulties. Their undying love is the strength to consider time without end.

Scenes of the lovers together are breathtaking; the glowing light of Eve contrasts the dark, brooding Adam.

The languid aesthetes ponder music and literature.  Their one true companion succumbs to tainted blood, a sign of the times.  Eve’s sister injects an unwanted frenzy, compelling the pair to run.  A chance encounter draws the couple and renews their primal drive.  Alive in love.

Great sound track.



Snowpiercer_posterSnowpiercer (2013) – 5/10

Really looked forward to this movie with its strange and unique premise.  Directed/Screenplay by Joon-ho Bong from South Korea (The Host).

Some attention grabbing surreal sequences as well as a strong performance by Tilda Swinton.  Nice visual effects.

Overall there are just too many irreconcilable ideas creating plausibility issues.  Story just doesn’t hold together for me and left me dissatisfied. Captain America likes the taste of babies? What?

The Korean actors were compelling.  So was the polar bear.  I would watch more of Mr Bong’s movies.