Life_(2017_film)Life (2017) – 2/10

The possibility of life on Mars always makes for compelling viewing.  Jake Gyllenhaal and to a lesser degree Ryan Reynolds are fine actors.  This is going to be good.

Wait, what’s that tag line? I think they meant we were better off without this movie.

A group of highly educated and trained astronauts working in a confined space. With crazy quarantine protocols. Making life and death decisions based on emotion.

An extremely intelligent and very hungry alien. And it’s definitely evil; evil with capitals and in bold.  EVIL.  

Never stood a chance.  Earth is in trouble.  If you are looking for an intelligent, well acted, interesting science fiction flick then you are better off without this movie.



Donnie Darko

Donnie_Darko_posterDonnie Darko (2001) – 9/10

This is the third . . . or tenth time I’ve seen Donnie Darko. After each viewing I feel off kilter, like I’m not firmly in this world anymore.


NightcrawlerfilmNightcrawler (2014) – 8/10

Nightcrawler is a glimpse into the life of an intense, gaunt and disturbing Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) as he navigates his way through the dark streets of LA.  Pop-eyed and feverish, Lou doesn’t appear to eat or sleep. This sucker is definitely a serial killer in the making.  Devoid of feeling for anyone.  In his own words, Lou doesn’t like people.

An edge dweller.  Lou’s home base:  TV, computer,  ironing board and twin size bed with circus character pillowcase.  Poster of an American Indian on the refrigerator.  Random accessories.

Lacking a formal education; Lou helps himself through online trawling.  In an almost comical way, Lou recites verbatim from online business manuals.  His interpretation is unique; motivated to realise his ‘business plan’.  Involvement with others is utilitarian.  Woe to the unfortunates who no longer serve his purpose.

Lou has found acceptance and purpose in a world hungry to experience real horror.  Be careful what you wish for.