Personal Shopper

Personal_Shopper_posterPersonal Shopper (2016) – 6/10

Immediately post viewing I wanted to give this movie a 1 or even a zero.  Felt the plot was a genre mash and a little bit silly and KS’s performance wooden and one dimensional.

My sister and I wanted to watch ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ but it wasn’t available on my mum’s pay tv so we settled. And we were sorry . . . until the next day when we started pulling the movie apart – acting, plot, genres, intention, spirits, suspense, fashion, personal shoppers, atmosphere, loneliness, daring, confronting and why does KS buy so many drinks but doesn’t finish them.

There was so much about this film that we wanted to discuss and consider. It kept us busy for a couple of days.  What is art?