Split_(2017_film)Split (2016) – 5/10

Get your mind into the M. Night Shyamalan universe.  Ok there’s Kevin who has DID (dissociative identity disorder). Multiple personalities – 23 of them.  ‘Split’ chronicles the events leading to the birth of the 24th personality, The Beast.

An interesting thing about Kevin’s DID is that each personality has unique physical characteristics (eg one of whom has diabetes and needs insulin, the other characters do not).  These added supernatural elements increase interest and permit the creation of the ultimate beast; a being who is bigger, stronger (knives cannot penetrate) and with superhuman abilities like being able to bend steel bars and climb on walls and ceilings.

Best scene is the ending.  Cafe customers discuss this new nemesis (‘the horde’) and liken the strangeness to a previous villain.  What was his name?  Oh that’s right, ‘Mr Glass’. Slow scan to customer David Dunn (Bruce Willis), a little older and greyer and contemplating his next movie.


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