Only Lovers Left Alive

Only_Lovers_Left_Alive_English_film_posterOnly Lovers Left Alive (2013) – 7/10

Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston and Jim Jarmusch.

Cool, moody, reflective. Eve (Swinton) and Adam (Hiddleston) – a vampire couple are together for centuries. Immortality, however, is not without difficulties. Their undying love is the strength to consider time without end.

Scenes of the lovers together are breathtaking; the glowing light of Eve contrasts the dark, brooding Adam.

The languid aesthetes ponder music and literature.  Their one true companion succumbs to tainted blood, a sign of the times.  Eve’s sister injects an unwanted frenzy, compelling the pair to run.  A chance encounter draws the couple and renews their primal drive.  Alive in love.

Great sound track.


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